If you want to be far away from life’s chaos, pollution and unplanned settlements; Beylikdüzü district will be the centre of your life. In this part of Istanbul, Beylikdüzü is one of the most educated areas in Istanbul. Because of this reason there is a social structure which is dominated by social relations. Having cultural-art events, conferences,concerts and the most important exhibition in turkey ( Tuyap ) making additional values for Beylikduzu. Doing investmentsin this region -which is very popular in Istanbul- will bring a better future for you and your children.

Your location is special; because of the “Life Of The Valley”( yaşamvadisi )

Created on huge area (1,000,000 m2 ) the “Life of The Valley”, will be a great privilege to you and your family. There are many options to do sports here. “Alya Grandis” will be a beginning of a more enjoyable life.

Choose your style

Alya Grandis has 4 different concept flats, it offers life options for every taste and style..
Alya Grandis offering you many Opportunities for high quality life with suitable family concept.
Penthouse apartments with 6+2 and 7+2 apartments offer a sense of freedom to your soul with its spacious spaces...
Designed with the concept of “one apartment on each floor" villa on the floor with all the privileges of free life, it will bring a new breath to your life.
for who think of comfortable life as indispensable the details make you feel the difference, "konak “option reflecting luxury lifestyle with quality and comfort.

High comfortable with unique standards

Considering the necessary of modern life taken convenient and habitats. Qualitymaterials are used in every each m2. Rooms caressing your hearth with visual aesthetic.
Alya Grandis, luxurious life in every detail-made just for you. You will find built-in items, Ceramics, armatures and all the equipment you can think of, and with quality…

The taste of our garden is the different in all seasons

If you selected to live in garden house, you will live with being appreciate with dealing with the soil, watching flowers growing which u feed and having a nice Sunday breakfast

First, we provide confidence...

All details were considered for your safety at alya grandis. With the camera system, fire and smoke alarm, security post and professional security team, you will be here in serenity 24/7.

There is no pool problem for you...

Leave your stress to the waters. whether it's summer or winter; the pleasure of the pool here never ends... do not leave four seasons health and wellness with alya grandis indoor swimming pool...

Alya Grandis social facilities

You know that you have to spend enough time for sport in your life to be fit. Get ready for healthful days with Alya Grandis'Gyms, hammams and saunas.
Alya grandis will make you live the holiday atmosphere with its sights, walking paths, ornamental pools and children's playground.
You can shopping from alya grandis shops and you can enjoy in the cafes


• Metro bus (public transportation) - 5 min • Marmara Park mall -5 min • Migros (Supermarket) -5 min • Marina -2 min • Torium mall -8 min • Fish market -4 min • Port -3 min • Connection to high way – 3 min • Centre of Buyukcekmece district -8 min • Airport 20 min

Shopping malls
• Marmara Park, • Migros AVM, • Marka City, • Beylicium, • Akbatı, • Prestij Mall AVM, • Perla Vista, • Mall Of İstanbul, • Bauhaus, • Koçtaş AVM, • Real AVM

• Medicana Hospital, • Acıbadem Hastanesi, • Kolan Hastanesi, • TEM Hospital, • Madical Park

Universities and high schools
• Amerikan Kültür Koleji, • MEV Eğitim Kurumları, • Doğa Koleji, • MEF Okulları, • Bilfen Koleji, • Işık Koleji, • Yıldızlar Koleji, • Bahçeşehir Koleji, • Beykent Koleji, • Era Koleji, • Mektebim Koleji, • Okyanus Koleji, • İhlas Koleji, • Uğur Koleji, • Alkev Alman Lisesi, • İstanbul International Community School, • Kültür 2000 Koleji, • Fatih Üniversitesi, • Beykent Üniversitesi